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Roberto’s offers its clientele Italian cuisine at its best, thanks to our use of the freshest seasonal ingredients, cooked to perfection by our chefs.

The menu will take you on a culinary journey with courses from all around Italy, reflecting the country’s reputation as the land of robust flavors, simply prepared food highlighting the quality of the ingredients and magnificent wines.

The contemporary décor, the elegant atmosphere and the know-how of our staff will introduce you to Roberto’s authentic version of la dolce vita.

Let our restaurant reveal to you the secrets of pura cucina italiana.


Alexandru Chioaru

Passion, simplicity, a way of living… Chef Alexandru Chioaru continues to bring to Roberto’s, year after year, the most interesting and delicious gems of the Italian gastronomic repertoire. Join us in Roberto’s and discover the culinary talent behind our selected recipes!

Chef Alex Chioaru has been in the kitchen for over 18 years and has been working in various restaurants across the country or abroad, most of them Italian. 

He inherited the passion for cooking from his grandmother, who taught him to be curious all the time and eager to learn new things, and this lesson has been useful to him throughout his career as a chef.

Referring to the Italian food and especially to the Naples cuisine which he is very passionate about, Chef Alex says, "I like its extreme simplicity, but it is a simplicity that hides a special complexity. There are just a few ingredients with which you can create fabulous things if you know how to combine them. Simplicity is the most sophisticated thing.”

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